What is Siftli?

Siftli is a decentralized platform for sending and receiving parcels. E-commerce businesses and individuals can send goods to any destination while tracking every package in the Blockchain. The Blockchain based token provides security to users and trusted delivery partners. An inclusive work environment that unites cities and people in combination with decentralization. This is what Siftli stands for.

Problem and solution:

Siftli combines two of the fastest growing sectors in the world Decentralization & Logistics. The world we live in now is a fast and evolving world. But the delivery sector is still stuck in the past.
Siftli will change the way parcels have been sent in an eco-friendly, fast and reliable way. It is  here to solve an offline problem, with an online method.

Problems we solve:

-Long and unpredictable receiving periods of the goods. With Siftli you put in when and where you want to receive the products.
‍-Going to the post office to send products. With Siftli you can send the goods from anywhere, it can be at work, at your home address or  wherever you like.
‍-Missing parcels. With Siftli every package is tracked in the Blockchain until arrival at location coordinates which minimises the loss of parcels.
‍-Ecofriendly delivering. Did you know that the average package makes 60% more unnecessary distances than it needs to? Well, with Siftli the parcels will go straight from shipper to receiver.
-Freedom of work for Siftli deliverers. Every deliverer can decide when and where they want to work.

How does it work?

There are 2 apps:

The Siftli App:

In the Siftli app everyone can put in an order for goods to be sent. From housekeys that you forget in your house to a washing machine that you bought second hand or from a store. Or if you want to buy things from a registered local shop in your area. You will be able to put in the time and adress for the delivery.

The delivery app:

The delivery app is the place where deliverers can subscribe and start delivering the goods. You can put in your own schedule and timeslots that you want to work. If an order is placed in the Siftli app and it went through our algorithm the closest delivery person will get a notification and 15 seconds the time to accept or decline a ride. We will advice our drivers only to accept it while standing still, for the safety of everyone.

We have 4 types of delivers:
‍-(electric) bike and scooter, these will get priority in the app for local deliveries.

We stand for an eco-friendly world and we will give priority in the app to every vehicle that is emission less. We believe that we can improve the logistic sector while helping the world to be greener and more eco-friendly.


The dashboard environment will only be accessible by admins and our developers. We keep track of every package and can help if an order didn’t went thru due to the lack of deliverers at that location.

The Technical value of Siftli?

Most of the delivery parties nowadays have always used the old fashioned way of distributing and transporting parcels for businesses. There are 3 steps that normally would be involved:

-The deliverer picks up all the parcels from the local business owner.

-The deliverer drives to a distribution center where all the parcels get sorted and sometimes send to another sorting center in another area for the parcels that belong there.

-The deliverer picks up the packages that are sorted for his route and delivers them.

This couldn’t be the only way? Why does a package travel so much unnecessary distances?

Siftli has solved this problem, we are working on this complex logistic problem for well over 3,5 years. We replaced the sorting center with our complex Algorithm. This is how it works for Siftli:

1. The deliverer who has the closest location to the business picks up the parcel. It all runs through the algorithm and he can see all the parcels that are around his first pick up location and where the end location is also close to the first package.

2. He delivers the parcels that he picked up in the area.

You can see that we have removed the second part, the distribution center, and also two unnecessary rides to and from the distribution center. Which result in less emission and better time management.

Software languages

The Siftli app and the delivery app will be developed in flutter and pushed out in iOS and Android.
It will communicate with the Blockchain where the order information (locations and size) are stored.

The dashboard will be an online environment using Java script.

We will also develop plugins that can be installed in WordPress/Shopify and most common used e-commerce store. This will be at a later stage.
We have highly skilled developers and our proprietary algorithm will make our product unique and way ahead of the competition. Our algorithm is tweaked and updated every day. We are also using AI machine learning to make our distribution more efficient, but that will require more data that we will gather on the way.

 Quick market figures

The number of digital buyers is in 2021 2.14 billion, which makes it 27.6% of the total world population. The amount of online shoppers grew with 900 million in 2020, that is a 1.4% increase.Given the rising trend, the potential for e-commerce and the delivery of those products is gigantic.

Siftli will be a big part of the ecosystem, because we make the complex part of the distribution and road efficiency of deliveries possible and can work with any delivery company in the world. 

The average delivery cost of package in Europe cost around € 8,00 ($ 9,50 dollar). We will take 15% commission on every order that is € 1,20 ($ 4,43).
We aim to have a revenue of 6 million euro the first year after the app launch, and expand exponentially. Which is a very conservative calculation.
To break down the 6 million in revenue.

We have done a  pilot for Siftli in the Netherlands in 2020 and it was a great success. Just for reference: the Netherlands a small country with 17 million habitants, there are 1,2 million packages delivered every day!

The Tokenomics

Liquidity and IDO: This will be a locked liquidity in Pancakeswap and other upcoming exchanging

The product development
:  Consists of paying developers ,software maintenance cost, Graphic designers

Operations: The cost for enabling the deliveries, for example bags for delivering, packages etc.

The team : The core team consist of 3 founders which will equally distribute the the 10%

Marketing: collaborations with influencers, adds on reddit, YouTube and Twitter.

Private sale: Pre-sale will be the first kind of sale of Siftli Tokens

Advisors: We have some highly skilled advisors with a long and fruitful experience in the package delivery industry

We have two kinds of tokens: Siftli token (SIF) this will be on the BinanceSmart Chain, these tokens can be transferred and sold however the owner wants.

We will also have the SIFTLIPay (SIFP) token that will be based on Solano, Solano Blockchain. Which is proof of Stake and History Blockchain. This token will consist information about the order, for example the location when a deliverer picked it up, the size and also the GPS location after delivery. This token can also be used to pay for shipping.
The token are not available for buying on any platform, but you will get tokens after staking SIFTLI tokens. This way we will provide the value and encourage the staking of SIFTLI tokens.